Dr. Wilneida Negrón

Personal tagline: “Equal parts of strategy and heart.”

My work involves me wearing different hats at different times like researcher-technologist, field-builder, strategist, innovator, and artist.  I also rely on my specializations across a variety of sciences, including psychology/human development, economics, political science, sociology, and computer science to work on socio-economic issues and emerging technologies. 

Below are the areas i Work on:

My work has been featured at

The Guardian NPR Financial Times Washington Post Stanford Social Innovation Review Newsweek Protocol Fast Company Daily Maverick WiredBBC 4

Personal story/Bio

I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father. Since the day I was able to speak, I have lovingly frustrated my parents and siblings with endless back-to-back questions on everything from “what is the moon made of?”; “what happens to the cows when it rains? (we lived in the small rural farming community of Palenque); “what happens if I put red chanoti seeds in my ears? (I grew up surrounded by wild A. precatorius plants and made a few trips to the emergency room with seeds in my ears). As I got older, the questions became more complicated and ranged from everything from religion to economics and politics in the US, Puerto Rico, and around the world. To this day, it's my love and curiosity for the world and the people in it that drives my purpose and work.

I am currently the Director of Research and Policy at Coworker, the Co-Founder of the Startups and Society Initiative, and Founder of the Future of Workers Initiative. I am currently boot-strapping my new venture, Grey Americana, a multi-media company and social community.

My current Advisory roles Are:

I have a PhD In Comparative Politics, with a specialization in emerging technologies in East Asia And Latin America, a Masters In Public Administration, and a M.Phil. in International And Global Affairs. Im also a life-long Fellow at the Data & Society Research Institute and the Atlantic Institute. I am fluent in Spanish and Mandarin.