Wilneida Negrón

Dr. Wilneida Negrón is a social entrepreneur, researcher, and public interest technologist experimenting with new models for people-centered structural change and equity in the labor markets, capital/finance, and tech sectors.

Her current work is focused on:
  • Reimagining labor organizing and economic narratives in the 21st century;
  • Reforming shareholder capitalism and aligning capital markets towards greater social
    impact and racial equity;
  • Growing the public interest technology and responsible tech fields;
  • Co-founding the Racial Equity Community Innovators Lab (RECoI Lab),  supporting black-led social enterprises and NGOs.


Wilneida is currently writing a book titled, The Behavioral Economics of Social
, which provides a framework for fostering greater alignment and coordination
on public policy, advocacy, and movement building, in the pursuit of social and economic justice.